Welcome to Auto Tree USA

 If you need CASH FAST, are planning on trading in your car, or you are just tired of that old vehicle taking up space in your yard or gargage. We will pay top dollar for your vehicle. Compared to our competitors we’ll pay more for your CAR than their MAX!

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How Buying Your Car Works

Step One

Step one – Simply fill out the Get Quote Form as accurately as you can. The more information we have on your vehicle, the more accurate the quote.

Step Two

Step Two – We will contact you when your quote is ready. We will either email you or call you with your free quote. Your choice.

Step Three

Step Three – Step three is the best part. We inspect your vehicle, test drive it, pick up your vehicle (if not running), and you get paid. How awesome is that?

Where You Can Find Auto Tree USA

Located Inside Discount Motor Mall

13103 N. Florida Ave.

Tampa FL.