Welcome To Auto Tree USA’s Referral Program


Need extra cash? No problem! We can help!

If you know someone who is selling their vehicle (even if it’s wrecked), let us know and if we buy their car, you’ll get $50 for running vehicles, and $25 for wrecked vehicles. There is no limit. The more you refer, the more we buy, the more cash you earn. It’s as simple as that. Find out more about our referral program below.

How It Works

First Step - Contact Us

If you know someone who is selling their car, contact us. Give us a some information on the vehicle, such as year, make, model, and condition. If we’re interested we will request a contact number, or you can have the owner contact us.

Second Step - Evaluation

We will gather information about the vehicle from the owner and evalueate it. While we buy most cars and trucks, we don’t buy all that are referred to us. But, don’t let that keep you from referring cars to us.

Third Step - We buy It!

If we decide to buy the vehicle we will negotiate a purchase price with the owner, and if we buy it. We will pick up the vehicle or the owner will drop it off. We will collect the title, and pay the owner.

Fourth Step - You Get Paid!

Once we’ve decided to purchase the vehicle and the owner is paid, we’ll contact you and let you know that the vehicle sold, and you will be mailed a check for $50, or you can stop by the office and pick it up in person.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Who couldn’t use extra cash? So, don’t hesitate. If you know someone with a vehicle for sale, let us know as soon as possible. The quicker you make your referral, the quicker we buy, the quicker you get paid. As stated above, we might not buy every car you reffer, but the more you refer, the better the chance you can earn big bucks for your referrals. So, contact us today using the form below.

Vehicle Refferal Form

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